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Brush & Weed Clearing in
Los Angeles County

The Los Angeles area is subject to hot weather, high winds and dryness, which create fire hazards when combined. J&J Tree Service is proud of our record with the local fire departments and happy home owners in meeting and exceeding fire safety expectations when it comes to dealing with brush clearance and hillside clean-up.

The value of brush removal is clear. Firefighters credit brush clearance with preventing a major loss of homes and other damage during the wildfire. Most brush fires start on uncleared, overgrown areas with lots of fuel (such as dead branches, tree parts and dry leaves), so brush clearance is considered a crucial barrier when flames reach developed areas. Yearly brush clearing and fire inspections have become a routine in Los Angeles, so it is imperative to ensure that this is done thoroughly and professionally.


We know the difference between stripping the land and the application of sound principles for safety while maintaining the value of your landscape architectural integrity. Brush Clearance in hillsides requires special skills and we pay close attention to the retention of hill holding environmentally sound procedures. This is visually more pleasing and safer when the rains come in the winter.

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